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Sports Races Equipment Hire. Sports Day sports races, just like at school ! Hugely Popular Package. Equipment Hire, Sack race , Egg and Spoon , Three legged, Tug of War, Spacehoppers, Stilts, Caterpillar, Welly Toss and all those great family and kids races. With Footballs, skipping ropes, big buckets, hoops, balls, skittles, Rounders bat and much much more.. run your own fun event. 8 full sets of equipment.... The Sports Day races equipment is specifically suitable for adults. The Classic Set is ideal for 24-200 persons, for smaller numbers we have a HALF SET available

We make a timed delivery to your event location and collect when you are done. All on a big trolley for total ease of use and transport includes all the accessories you need like 'Whistles, Large Megaphone, Starters flag, 150 easy lane markers, finish tape etc etc etc

Contact us for a quote to include timed delivery and collection directly from your event venue .. as you can see its a lot of equipment. Or you can collect yourself from our offices from as little as £305.00 or include as part of a larger package of Fun items

Standard (Classic) Equipment List Includes

Organisers Items
Large and loud Megaphone,
Sport Whistles , (2)
Long wind up measuring tape (50M)
Start and finish tapes
Starters and Finish flags (chequered)
36 cones and 200 flat markers for quick, easy and safe lane / court marking

Standard Set Included Activities and Games

8 Large New single hoop handle Adult Size Spacehoppers,
4 sets ' Caterpillar Tracks
Welly Wanging Set   (8 Boots, measures and markers' plus Rules) NEW
8 off sets Egg and Spoon with coloured rubber eggs
8 off Coloured Sackrace Sacks (Adult Size) with fun designs
8 off 3 legged race ties (Velcro fixings for safety)
8 sets Fun Stilts (Stompers)
8 relay batons NEW ,
8 Blindfolds (for trust games) NEW
8 foam Footballs ,
48 mini Bean Bags (for throwing)
48 Tennis balls
16 24" Hoops
8 Speed Skipping Ropes
8 Squashable buckets for Targets on games or your Beer !
Ball Bin to keep used equipment in
5 a side Football
Softball or Rounders bat and ball
Frisbee (for fun or Frisbee Rugby)
Large Trolley to move everything around
- Suggested games lists and Running order, Organisers Tips sheet

Make sure you check out the extras available, all you need from Tables to Picnic Rugs, Pop Up Marquees, chairs to taking your rubbish away

We have brand new set for this for 2018 which as standard includes as the items above, new and in excellent condition. We deliver to parks and venues all over the UK many times every week all through the summer for events just like yours .. just add a few snacks and some drinks, maybe even 'fancy dress' and have probably the best fun you have had for years.. at an amazing price. Used by loads of Blue Chip companies, banks, associations, promotions and advertising agencies and all sorts of organisations for groups of 30-300+ persons. We typically supply for 50+ events just like this each year. Generally or Classic set is fixed content (pre packed) as that allows us to offer the best price, but please ask if you want alternatives priced.

Please do let us know if you want other items or packages of equipment included ... we offer lots of Add Ons (see below) at special prices as transport is covered in the set price. Anything else you would like us to organise/arrange to make your day a success please ask .. we dont make it a condition that we do it all, its just up to youand we can help where and when you want assistance, be it logistics, equipment or advice

Contact us for a Delivered Price for your event

Just a few of our great 'Add Ons' to enhance your day.. We will e mail you full list and specifications with pictures

Large Scoreboard on Easel
.. £ 35.00        (dry wipe, pre lined with pens)          
Tug of War Rope
          £40.00 (full length/ weight/markers etc supplied with a set of Rules ... Tug of War Association approved) )   
Coloured Team Bibs      £ 0.95 per each  Singlets  ( 9 colourways  25 off each)

Rubbish/Recycling Bins (3) and Disposal      £105.00 + VAT
Trestle Tables for your food and drinks 6ft     £12.00 each
Picnic Rugs . £4.00 per each
10ft x 10ft Pop up Marquee/Shelters (without sides) £ 80 .00 + VAT each (in parks set with sandbags to meet regulations)
Winners Podium    £55.00
Scorers Chairs £5.00 per each
Team Benches    (2 x 4 colours )  £90.00  (8 off)
Full Rounders Set       £45.00 inc NRA approved bases and marker posts, 4 balls, 4 bats, rules etc   (basic rounders included in full package)
Stoolball Set          £32.00    .. Stoolball Association Set .. 2 paddles/3 balls and wickets etc
Full Softball Set   £45.00  inc Bats, 10 gloves, throwdown bases etc etc
Dressing Up Clothes   £45.00   5 items for each of 8 sets (Beach shorts, tropical Shirt, Hats, Sunglasses)
Hockey Dribble     £60.00 8off hockey sticks and balls = 2 mini goals
Putt the Shot      £15.00    2 off 2.00kg and 2 off 3.25kg 'soft' rubber coated Shot
Foam Javelins    £35.00   Set of 24off 1metre Foam Javelins (school training javelins) with target
Frisbee Golf ... £60.00 Single Catcher and 24 putting/Mid Range Frisbees
Tag Rugby Set    £20.00   set for 2 x 5 person teams, with Rugby Ball
Colourful Stepped Limbo Pole Set .. £25.00
Professional Park Volleyball Set .. £50.00 including Ball and court marker ropes
Football Goals 12ft x 6ft inc Corner Flags, ground markers and Balls ... £65.00
Shuttleball/Badminton Net inc 4 sets equipment £45.00 inc set up
Cricket Set (Adult Size) .. £105.00 (3 bats,4 sets pads, Springback stumps x 2 3 sets gloves, Balls, Helmets)
Professional Horseshoe Toss .. £20.00
Dodge Ball Set .. 6 off pro Dodge Balls and centre line marker
Hula Hooping Set (12 weighted/Exercise 40" Hoops) .. £72.00
Quality Boules Set (4 x 3 Boules and Accessories) £32.00
Giant Connect 4 .. £38.00
Giant Chess Set ... £60.00
Giant Jenga .. £30.00
Respect Barriers 100ft .. £32.00 per each
Powerful Fender PA system .. £50.00 inc Radio Mike, CD player etc
Post and Rope field barrier £90.00
Medals and Trophys ..poa

and more




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